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Durazno is a minimalistic website base on the powerful AMP technology, perfect for taking advantage of the new mobile-first index. The website has everything you may need, custom galleries, videos, SEO, social sharing, analytics, and much more. Suitable for cinematographers or photographers. It works out of the box, with no tedious builders (like DIVI), or complicated blocks (like Gutenberg) to deal with. Fully customizable, menus, colors, textures, typos, logos, texts, images, everything connected to the WordPress admin dashboard.

What is Included

⭐ Features: SEO - Social Share - Analytics - Mobile First - AMP - Galleries - Vimeo

⭐ Platform (CMS): WordPress

⭐ Time to completion: Sold

⭐ Pages: Home - About - Portfolio - Reviews - Contact - Awards - Categories - Search - 404

⭐ Plugins included: 1

⭐ Free installation, updates and support

⭐ One time payment

⭐ Live Demo: View


What is a Pre-Built website?

It is a design (draft) that will become a fully functional website once is finished.

Is this a regular theme?

No, a theme can be sold thousands of times to different people, our website designs are a one-time purchase, it will be only used for one website under one domain (no exceptions).

How many times this design will be sold?

One time ONLY, once sold the website is marked as SOLD and left it in the portfolio area just for reference, it won't be sold again or take as a reference for a new design.

Why you didn't finish the design already?

We rather invest our time creating as many designs as possible for you to choose from. The esthetic part is almost done, it just needs to become functional by adding a management area for example WordPress.

I just purchased the site, why do I have to wait?

80% of the design is already done but we still have work to do. After you purchase the website we start the last step of putting all the components together and connecting the site to the CMS (WordPress) so you can update images, text, or publish galleries. It can take up to 15 days (usually less) from the day that you purchase the site being installed on your server.

Differences between a theme and your websites?

When you buy a theme you get just that, a simple theme that you have to install yourself, read the complicated instructions, learn how to build blocks, install plugins, and figure it out by yourself by trial and error. At the end of the day, you may end up with a website that doesn't perform or looks right. Our websites are complete solutions, no need for you to know code, install plugins, use tedious builders or complicated Gutenberg blocks. Our sites are ready to use, just add content!

Is the installation included?

Yes, we take care of everything for you, including theme installation, plugins activation, basic settings, and future updates. Page creation, gallery uploads, and other content is the client's responsibility.

Can I install additional plugins?

Yes, but we recommend you not to, plugins can be tricky and risk your site stability and security. Each of our websites will include everything needed by a modern website to work properly, like SEO, social media, schema, Google Analytics, Facebook pixel, and more. Have a piece of code you need to be installed? no problem, we can do it for you, as always free of charge.

What method of payments do you offer?

We use Paypal, if you live in the USA you can also mail in a check. Remember that we will start the design once the payment clears.

Can I install the website by myself?

Yes, you can, but to be on the safe side and make sure everything works as expected we recommend you to let us do the installation for you, at the end of the day it would be faster.

Are these websites based in WordPress?

Yes, to make your website management easy we ship our sites with a well-known platform (WordPress). But we can pack the design on other platforms or providers (Squarespace, Magento, Wix, Ghost, GatsbyJS...), just keep in mind that the price for any of this platform will increase.

How long do I have to wait for my website?

Once we receive the payment, we start the final step of transforming the design into a fully functional website, the process may take up to 2 weeks. Once done we will contact you to arrange the final step which is the installation.

Does it included hosting?

No, you must provide us with an SSL-ready hosting service, if don't have one or need help finding a provider please contact us. Websites do not include hosting, SSL certificate, domain, or email.

What elements and tools are under the hood?

Today modern websites must include certain tools and we make sure our sites are packed with these tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, SEO built-in, Social media sharing, mobile-first approach, fast loading times, and more.

Can the design be further customized?

Yes, we can add your branding colors and logo. Other blocks can be removed or moved always without changing the original design layout. If you have doubts please contact us.

Can you publish or update the content of the new site?

The price is for the design, setup, and updates, managing the content (videos, texts, images, galleries) is the responsibility of the website's owner. If you want us to work directly on your website or SEO a custom monthly plan (not included with this website) needs to be set.

Why the demo is not working properly?

Keep in mind that is just that a demo for you to see the layout design, is not a 100% functional website, you will see dead links or forms that generate errors, that's normal. this demo is for you to get a general idea of how the website will look once finished. Your final delivered website will be double-checked for errors, all the links will be pointing to the right page, forms will submit correctly, rest assured you will get a fully functional website.

Why are your websites so expensive?

For a little bit more or the same amount of money that you will pay for a regular theme (sold to thousands of photographers) you will get a custom design, that below ONLY to you and will never be sold again to anyone. For that reason will believe that our prices are more than fair, keep in mind that a custom design usually costs between 2,000 to 4,000 or even more.

Why should a buy your websites?

First I would say support, as long as you are using our website you got free lifetime support. Secondly is uniqueness, you will not find your same design used by anyone. The third is technology, we apply the latest tools to build custom websites that are good looking, modern, and designed with a mobile-first approach.