How much does a website draft cost?

A static or WordPress draft cost Zero. And you have no obligation to continue with the design process or make any kind of payments in advance. You can stop the process at any time you want, no questions asked, only please let us know so we can focus on other projects.

What is a website draft?

The main purpose of a draft is to create a starting point into the website or app design including branding colors, the layout structure, and the input that we receive from the client. A draft is not fully functional or ready to go live, where links, forms, buttons or other elements do not work, also images, text and logos may be replaced by placeholders (if the client didn't provide us with his own content). The draft can be a single page or a multi-page sample hosted online for a short period of time so the client can review it and provide us his feedback.

What is the next step after a website draft is approved by the client?

Once we make sure the client is 100% happy with the visual design we go to the next step which is to create a site that is functional and the user and the photographer can interact with. Also, we make sure the site backend (dashboard) has all the elements and functionality needed by the client, for example, the photographer may require a special format to publish galleries or update content. We will double-check that everything works fine and will send you this time a functional demo.

Where can I see my website draft?

Stay alert, we will send you a link to a live draft demo. This link may be online for a short period of time so make sure to check it out ASAP. Also, check for our emails in your SPAM folder especially if you are using Gmail or if we didn't have an email exchange before.

Are all of your designs based on WordPress?

No, a great number of our projects are done using WordPress for so many reasons to explain. But we do design for a number of platforms, CMS (Ghost, Drupal, WordPress), frameworks (GatsbyJS and VUE), static sites (Hugo), site builders (Squarespace, Shopify and Wix). Keep in mind that designs for all these platforms will take longer to create and also the price may be higher than a WordPress website.

When do I have to pay for my Website?

Once the site is fully developed, approved by the client and ready to launch a payment would be required.

Can you update my website once it is live?

Yes, no problem, our designs include unlimited updates (time frame may vary depending on the selected plan or built), for example, you want to change colors, typography or need to add a new field to the contact form. We consider these minor modifications (expected changes), now if you want to add more pages, new layouts, content or new functionalities we need to quote for a new project.

What type of payments do you accept?

Paypal is always our first and fast choice, if you live within the USA a check, cashier check or money order are also accepted. Clients outside the USA must use Paypal or an international wire bank transfer.

How hard would be to maintain my WordPress site?

We'll be guiding you on how to manage your site, including SEO tips, but the most important part is that you may not need help at all because our WordPress websites are very friendly and intuitive to use, you do not need code experience or deal with tedious builders or plugins, with just a few clicks you can update your site or publish fresh content.

Does your web design include hosting?

That depends on the plan you choose, the annual plans include hosting, the monthly don't, we can always provide hosting services for separate if need it. If you have an actual hosting provider and want us to install a website please let us know the name in advance, our sites require a few features to play nicely the most important the hosting needs to be SSL (https://).

What is the difference between a regular WordPress theme I can buy elsewhere and your custom WordPress designs?

Functionality, free lifetime support, design uniqueness, fully brand-able, fast, easy to manage, easy to interact, real mobile-ready, no tedious builders required, no additional plugins required, SEO built-in under the hood. If you want a more detailed explanation about what we offer on our custom designs and how they set apart from a regular theme please contact us today.

Can I install a custom WordPress theme myself?

Our recommendation is to let us do it for you and make sure everything is working as expected from day one. If you decide to do it yourself you can always count on our support but expect some bumps along the way with the installation.

Will I lose my actual website content and/or ranking if I change to a new design or platform?

No, if you are using WordPress content (posts, pages, galleries, images) are stored in the CMS itself, the design is the layer of the website and it runs separately from the content. So creating a new WordPress theme will not require any internal change or create a risk of losing your actual Google ranking. If you are going from a static website to WordPress or vice-versa we take care of all the changes needed for you and adapt your actual content to the new platform without losing any page ranking or misplacing content, for example missing pages or images.

Will my custom design be used or sold to another person?

Absolutely NO, a custom design is a one-time creation for a specific client and will NOT be used on another project.

Do you offer a cheap option compared to a custom WordPress design?

We understand that custom designs for any platform can be pricily especially for photographers or cinematographers that are just starting on the business, for that reason, we can do designs based on blocks (find more info on this page) a block-based design can be the perfect starting point for a new photographer, you can be online fast, start creating content and once you are ready you can easily update to a custom design that would reflect your branding better.

Why do you only work for photographers or cinematographers?

The creator of the studio was a wedding photographer, that's why we started out our work focusing on that niche. Over the years we have gained a lot of experience in photography and cinematography web design, marketing, and SEO. So taking advantage of all the knowledge gained year after year we continue on a niche where we can provide excellent results to the client, in our case photographers and cinematographers.

Is an SEO plan included in the design?

It depends on the plan you picked. Annual plans include an SEO development plan, single creations no but the theme itself has a lot of SEO functionalities built-in that required no extra work on the photographer side, you can publish a gallery and this will be 100% SEO and Google friendly.

When do I will receive my brand new website?

For a custom average design, it may take around 2 weeks since we start the draft until the site is launched, usually, further modifications are done afterward. Larger or complicate websites can take more time, also our work queue may be longer when reaching the end of the year (October, November, and December) so the time frame for a custom creation can increase. Note: the new static websites can have a fast delivery time-frame.

Where are you located?

Our studio is located in Hawthorne, California, very close to LAX airport.

How many plugins do I have to install to run your WordPress websites?

You may need one plugin to run our WordPress websites (we don't own that plugin so we can't bundle within the theme, this plugin is included at no add. cost), everything else is built-in SEO, Google Analytics, Facebook, Social Media, we like to keep it simple for you and avoid plugins conflicts or incompatibility issues.

Once I own the WordPress website, what elements can I update?

You can practically update the entire website, SEO, social media links, pixels, tracking, texts, email, address, logos, reviews, pages, headers, texts, images, videos and more. Also (depending on the design) you can have a `Galleries` and/or `Films` tab where you can easily publish your portfolio with just a few clicks.

What is SEO or an SEO plan?

It is a strategy to help your photography website obtain a better placement on search results (Google, Bing, Yahoo...). The higher you rank for a specific keyword, the more chances you got to receive a visitor (get clicked). We all are looking to be on Google's first page, this task may be time-consuming and sometimes impossible to achieve even for the most clever and dedicate photographer. We use not just the best tool to help you obtain a good ranking, we take advantage of all the experience gained over the years developing SEO plans for hundreds of photographers and cinematographers.

An important remark, we DO NOT give false promises to a photographer (like hundreds of so-called SEO gurus do), for example, if a new client came to us looking to be on Google's first page for a high demand keyword `Los Angeles wedding photographers`, our answers would be NO, that's impossible for so many reasons, first it is a top query keyword, secondly there are hundreds (o should I say thousands) of photographers competing for the exact same keyword, hundreds of websites fighting for a spot within 10 or fewer places, do your math. But there is always hope, you can attract visitors and gain online visibility by using so many SEO (white hat) approaches. This is a very large topic, you can always chat with us about it, please write to us at any time.

What is SEO built-in?

It means the website or theme has a lot of SEO functionalities packed inside, you don't even have to know about it, you may just fill out a few fields on a Blog post and have it ready for Google and other search engines within seconds. Of course, this is not a replacement for an SEO custom-developed plan but a tool that plays nicely together.

Are your static websites and WordPress themes mobile-friendly?

Absolutely! All of our designs are optimized to be viewed and provide a good user experience across all devices and platforms: from high-res desktops to laptops and smartphones.

How difficult to manage are your websites or themes?

If your site is based on WordPress I'm pretty sure you already know how to use it, we even make the interface or dashboard look cleaner and less confusing. Always focusing on productivity and allow you to publish or update content fast and easy. For other site builders (like Squarespace), we don't have to much control on what to move or remove from the platform, but we can always guide you and provide tutorials that will help you going around all the tasks. If you choose a static website you are in luck, we do all for you, backups, updates and publish 🙂.

When do I have to pay for my SEO plan?

If you have a month to month SEO plan ea. payment is due on the 5th day of each month. The 6 months plan and the annual plan are payable in advance, both include a 30-day money-back guarantee If you are not completely satisfied.

Do you sell WordPress themes?

We have a very different approach when developing WordPress themes compare to most of the companies out there. Once (or twice) a year and for a very limited time we may put up for sale a WordPress theme, carefully developed with all the tools a photographer or videographer may require. These themes will be available for purchase for a time frame of a few days or until we reach a specific number. We call them `limited edition themes`, great themes, great price and limited quantity, other designers may sell the same exact theme year after year until the end of the days to thousands of buyers, we do not.

What is a static website?

If we were talking about cars I would say with no hesitation that a static site it's a Ferrari, top of the line, modern, light, secure, super-fast, it will never crash, trust me you won't see something similar. A static site is pre-build in advance so when a page is requested there is no waiting time, the content is already there. A static site is 100% secure (no patches or constant updates like WordPress) because it doesn't have a dashboard or database to hack in the first place. If you build one of these with us, we take care of everything from publishing to backups to updates 🙂.

How do I update or manage my static site?

You don't have to, we do it for you 🙂, we publish your galleries or films, update pages, do backups and more. Just dropbox us images or a film link and we create a publication that will be ready for Google and your visitors. The same applies if you need to update the homepage intro or change your phone number, we take care of everything. You do your work we do ours!

Is a static site the right choice for my photography business?

We think a static design fits perfect for a photography-cinematography business or studio, because managing a photography business is a time-consuming task, and time is money. If you don't want to deal with settings, updates, plugins, backups, hacks, and other complications and just focus on your photography business a static website may be perfect for you, remember we maintain, update, publish, and backup everything for you. On the other hand, if you have a very functional or large website where content needs to be updated on the fly like a shopping cart, print ordering or a live blog another platform (non-static) can be more suitable for you.

What are the advantages of a static website?

Speed, security, cheap SSL hosting, are the most important advantages of a static website over a dynamic website like WordPress for example. Also just to have a static website will give you an SEO push since day one, static websites are extremely fast and Google love fast websites because they provide an excellent user experience. And yes, speed is a ranking factor for Google.

Do you include a domain name with your plans?

No, a domain name must be purchased and renewed by the site owner or photographer. We may require access to the domain name in order to manage some settings. If you don't own a name for a new project we can recommend a few registrars. Tip: always renew your domain in advance, if it is set to auto-renewal make sure that the payment method is up to date. Never use or register a domain name using an email address relative to that domain, use a generic one like Gmail.

Do you daily backup the sites you host?

If the website is hosted by us we make sure that a daily backup plan is in place (sometimes more than one) to be on the safe side. If the client hosts the site on his own it is his responsibility to maintain a backup plan.

How does the 30-DAY refund policy work?

Simple, if during a period of 30 days you are not 100% satisfied with a plan, design or service, your money is back. Not all the plans and services include this policy, so make sure before you start a plan or service to ask in advance. Hosting services and monthly SEO services DO NOT include a 30-day money-back guarantee.

How do the Static Website (Blocks) monthly plans work?

We create a website based on pre-made blocks (like pieces of designs), fully functional, modern, super-fast, mobile-ready, including SEO built-in, social media, custom colors, logo, pages. We take care of everything for you, publishing posts or galleries (monthly limit apply based on the selected plan).

What are blocks or block design?

Blocks are pre-made pieces of designs that you can put together in the order you prefer, think of this like building using legos. Blocks have some advantages over a custom design, they are modular and can be moved around without affecting the design, a design based on blocks it is much cheaper than a custom design, and a block design can be delivered and alter more quickly than a custom made web design. Of course, there are also some disadvantages of using blocks over a custom design, branding and uniqueness are the most important.

What is Google AMP?

It is a technology developed by Google to create a truly new mobile experience. AMP websites must obey a set of custom rules required by the platform in order to validate as AMP. These websites are fast and mobile-friendly by nature and provide an SEO ranking benefit, especially in mobile results, sites using AMP technology will always have a preference in mobile search results. Also, Google will cache all AMP pages and provide a lighting fast experience by serving them in milliseconds. AMP started years ago and today it is used for millions of websites around the world. Google AMP is not just a tool but a solution that is gained fans all over the world. Want to learn more or create a custom AMP design for your photography business? please reach out to us.