WordPress Tune Up

Fine-Tuning WordPress for Speed, Security, SEO and better user experience.
We make your Wordpress site

Fast, Secure and user friendly

A slow-loading website poses two major risks. #1, visitors will leave before your amazing portfolio appears. #2, search engines will push your site's ranking to the bottom. Our WordPress tune-up service includes:

  • One-time payment of $99

  • Remove unnecesary stuff

  • Improve download speed

  • Provide a better user experience

  • Full website test

  • Add. new features (if your server allows)

Cool new

WordPress Features

We take full advantage of all newly available technologies and incorporate them into our websites. Did you know that your WordPress site can be browsed off-line?, be installed like a native app with just a click on a variety of mobile devices? or be running inside your Facebook fan page? - Cool ah? Note: In order to install these new features your site must be hosted on a secure server (https://) you know the one with the green padlock. Need a secure hosting? View Our Hosting Plans