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Google AMP Mobile Pages For Photographers

Increase mobile traffic

AMP is a natural fit for photography websites because faster-loading pages convert more visitors into bookings (also it's a Google ranking factor). The results are remarkable, our photographers see booking increases, longer portfolio browsing, more social engagement and better performance across all mobile devices. We integrate Google AMP mobile pages easy within your WordPress photography site while maintaining all the regular content untouched. You just keep publishing your content and a new auto-generated mobile version (AMP) will be created on the fly, no additional work or settings are required. We can also create full AMP mobile site, see example HERE or learn more about Google AMP.



  • Google is showing AMP pages on mobile at the top of the search.

  • Page loading on mobile is slow. AMP page loading is super fast, instant.

  • Google, Pinterest, Bing, and Twitter all use AMP, creating a supercharged experience for their users.

  • AMP keeps your visitors engaged as they move through browse and viewing your portfolio and content.

  • By having fast loading times Google will position AMP pages better than your normal pages (or competitors).

  • AMP isn't an option or a new trend, it's a must have for any photography site!

What you want to know

FAQ about WordPress AMP

What is Google AMP?

The AMP Project is an open-source FREE initiative aiming to make the mobile web better for all. The project enables the creation of websites and pages that are consistently fast, beautiful and high-performing across mobile devices. You can learn more about the AMP project HERE

Could you please explain AMP mobile in plain English?

The AMP project is a specific design based on a set of rules (by Google) to build pages that behave flawlessly on mobile devices. These pages can be served in just milliseconds. AMP mirrored the content of your photography site creating a mobile friendly version of each page, post or galleries (depends on the design). Google even will cache this pages to make it even faster.

Will this mobile site affect my Google ranking?

Yes, it will affect your site's ranking in a very positive way. Google is creating right now the new 2018 Google Mobile First index | find more info about mobile first index, it means you may appear on different positions for the same (keyword) search on mobile devices and on desktops. This will put you on top of your competitors if they have the same content as you but not ready for mobile.

How does this new Google mobile first index work?

Once you have AMP content in your website Google will prioritize those pages (because they are AMP ready and mobile friendly) on mobile search indexing results. Google is always looking to provide the end-user with the best experience possible, so AMP makes totally sense, AMP mobile pages are super fast and pre-cached in advance for Google, a mobile AMP can be served in milliseconds.

How long for my pages to show on search results?

An important question, it depends on each site but usually, an AMP page will be indexed within a few days, We saw pages indexed but Google in just a few hours.

How do I make Google aware of my new AMP content?

You have nothing to do, Google will automatically know that your site has AMP content and he will index it accordingly.

How do I know which AMP pages are indexed and if they are getting visitors?

To know how many AMP pages Google has indexed create an account on Google webmaster tools and linked to your site, then click the menu tab AMP to see how many pages are indexed or if you have any errors. Register your site on Google Analytics to find out visitors arriving at your site and keywords searches.

My website is mobile responsive, why do I need AMP pages?

A website can be mobile responsive but it doesn't mean that this website is AMP ready. A mobile-responsive site may adapt its content to a different type of screen devices, serving a slow loading page that it won't be considered a truly mobile-friendly user experience (the opposite goal of AMP).

I just installed the WordPress AMP plugin, is my website AMP ready?

Well... technically it is but the default design would be very ugly and the AMP plugin will only create content from regular posts (Blog), no pages, no galleries or the front page (the most important page of your site) like we do. On our designs will incorporate your logo and branding colors to make the mobile version look very similar to your original site. See a Live Demo

AMP ⚡ Mobile Sites

The Basic AMP


* AMP Home Page
* AMP version of posts or galleries
* Social media ready
* SEO ready
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* Delivery frame [8-15 days]
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The Complete AMP


* AMP Home Page
* AMP version of posts [BLOG]
* AMP version of galleries
* AMP version of 5 pages
* Social media ready
* SEO ready
* One time payment
* Priority support
* Delivery frame [15-24 days]
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