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Squarespace Websites

Do you love Squarespace but hate to be a clone of another photographer? We got good news for you, we can custom design (one-time) the perfect website/template for your photography business.

  • No clones or templates

  • Use Squarespace interface

  • Full custom design (based on your needs)

  • Mobile & SEO friendly

  • No monthly fees (except Squarespace account)

  • One-time creation

  • Full installation and set-up

The biggest complaint we hear from photographers using Squarespace is that all of their sites look the same. They are right, everybody is a clone of a clone, it doesn't matter which plan do you have or how many templates they offer, you always end up using the same design that hundreds of other photographers are using right now. We are here to change that! We got the perfect solution to this problem, we custom design websites/templates (that don't currently exist within Squarespace), these designs will provide a custom solution and branding for your business, each design is created specifically for each client and it won't be sold to anyone else (one-time creation).
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What you want to know

FAQ about Squarespace templates

Will your designs included SEO?

Our custom designs will include pieces of code and fields for you to fill to fine-tune your SEO strategy to the right place, for example when you publish a wedding you will be able to include keywords for your photos to make the content easy to index by Google, this is just an example and many more tools regarding SEO are included in our designs, most of them are not available in regular designs provided by Squarespace.

Will my Google ranking improve using your designs?

Well, we cannot assure you 100% that using our designs will put you on top of the searches, but the only thing we can promise is that our designs included the latest tools to help you achieve very good SEO results. We use SEO techniques that we were developing and improving for years, We follow Google rules, new SEO trends and also we take input from hundreds of photographers and users as well.

Will my design/template be used by another photographer?

NO. Your design will be unique. One-time creation developed exclusively for you. Sometimes the word template will make you think on a clone that will be sold as many times as the author wants. The right word is a custom template or one-time template, a template is just the design for your platform in this case Squarespace. We respect our clients and ourselves and no custom creations will be sold to anyone else except the original clients.

How does the design process work?

We first listen to your concerns and goals. Based on your needs we develop a demo site (with unlimited reviews), we work together to find the perfect design and branding for your photography site. Once the concept is ready and you are 100% happy with the draft we start the design process. The entire process from (idea) start to live may vary in length, it depends on the needs of each site or in the complexity of each creation. Remember that each website is created from scratch so we may be required extra time. For a regular site, the creation time-frame is 15-20 days.

What's included on each design?

Each design will be created in based of your branding, logos and colors. May include a Homepage [root of your domain], About page, Contact Page, Portfolio page, Gallery single page (to display for ex. a wedding gallery and text), Social Media and more. Each template may require different names, categories, additional options, pages, SEO fields or galleries.

What if I need a template modification in the future?

Basic small modifications are included for free, let's say you need to change a color, update a font or any small similar modification, don't worry those are included for free. Now if you need an extense modification like changing the design completely or add new structures then we are going to charge you for that. Usually, the changes you may need in the future will not require additional payments.

How much is the cost of a custom template?

Our custom designed Squarespace photography templates start at $499 (doesn't included Squarespace monthly fee), design prices can go up for more complex designs or platform modifications. Please contact us for more detailed information. This is a one-time fee for the design creation and includes support, installations, and free upgrades. You need a monthly or yearly Squarespace Business plan to install a custom design, this will not work on Personal plans.

Do you charge a monthly fee or there is any additional cost?

NO. We don't charge any renewal or monthly fee. Just remember that it's your responsability to maintaining your Squarespace up to day. In order to have a custom designed template you need to be enrolled in a BUSINESS plan, for more info visit Squarespace Pricing Page.