Your Photography Business During COVID-19

This is the time to keep working hard, I know it may sound difficult, and trust me, I’m struggling myself too. Letting our guard down and be depress or afraid will hurt your photography business even more. Thousand of businesses have been hit hard by COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic along with the photography industry, but we need to push forward, we will recover from this chaos, and eventually, we will be back on track. There is a lot of uncertainty around the potential economic impacts of COVID-19, and that is certainly scary, but we must be positive and focus on keeping our business afloat.

Do not put everything on hold because this will set back your photography business up for a very long-term, uphill struggle to recover. I know what you will say, money is not coming in, who is going to pay for SEO services, web design, advertising or marketing campaigns, I understand you may have to reduce your spending budget, spend less but keep the ball rolling and be 100% creative, your photography business depends on it.

Your photography business may experience revenue losses in the upcoming months or maybe regain bookings ASAP once we get to normal. Do not forget all the canceled events, birthdays, graduations, photo sessions, engagements, newborns, and weddings plus the upcoming 2020 wedding season in July and August.

Six key points to pay attention:

#1 SEO
I would say this is a vital part of your online photography business presence, organic search will bring potential clients to your business, brides looking to book photographers. If you stop developing an SEO strategy you will outrank by other photographers in a short period of time, and once you go down on the list it will be very difficult to regain your position again.

#2 Advertising
For example, Google ADS, if you used to develop an advertising campaign on AdWords you can put this on hold without damaging your business, at this moment there are no much people looking to book vendors, so you can save money on that, and once the ball started rolling again you may reactivate your campaign in minutes, you are paying so there is no extra work to put your business on top.

#3 What to do with the extra time you got
Now you have plenty of time and no excuses to not focus on your dusty TODO list left aside. Once the business starts again like it used to be you would be complaining again about THE TIME I don’t have, so today is the day, use your free time now. For example, create a demo album for your clients to see, check your website to see how can it be improved, have a look at your portfolio to see if you can replace old photos, if you write a wedding Blog then create new articles, ask past clients to leave Google reviews about your services. You got the point. JUST DO IT!

#4 Check out your competitors
See what your competitors are doing, visit their websites, Facebook pages, Google rankings, Advertisings. I’m not saying you must imitate your competitors, but understand how they are behaving during this crisis.

#5 Network
You know this powerful word that every photographer follows, talk to your fellow photographers and second shooters, support them, and ask for advice if needed. Remember now is also the time to offer support to all the people that may not be as lucky as we are.

#6 Social Media
Keep your followers engage, providing tips, publishing images and videos, or creating a live post. Please do not share negative or COVID related content on your social media hubs, we all already know the bad news or conspiracy theories about COVID-19, trust me.

I hope this article would be helpful for you and your photography business, we are here to help you so if you have any questions at all just drop us a line. Please be safe and take the precautions recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).