How to start a WordPress photography website?

WordPress is the most popular Content Managing Systems out there and it comes in two flavors and If you get confused about which one is best for your photography website I would say choose (self-hosted), why? well, this may be an article on itself WP vs WP, but we know for the experience. First, find a good WordPress hosting, there are a few options ☺️, do your homework or ask another photographer using WP. The price may vary drastically between a dedicated top of the line hosting like Flywheel and a cheap option like Bluehost or similar. A full managed WordPress hosting like WPengine will provide you top of the line features, backups, full support, migration and more. If you are in a low budget find a company that offers WordPress hosting, this may be perfect for your photography website. You can install WordPress from your hosting panel usually with a few clicks, note: make sure that the hosting company offers SSL at not add. cost (Let’s Encrypt is the most popular) then check if your domain is (https) and later install WordPress on that domain. If you have the option during the installation replace the default wp_ prefix for any you want (mm2020_) for security reasons. Also if you can choose a domain with or without www. pick one, it won’t make any difference, we like the www.mywebsite(.)com but this is up to you. Once the installation is done go and visit the address (you may see a default theme already installed), log in and make some basic changes, #1 on settings> permalinks pick a link structure (important for SEO), avoid the ones with numbers or dates, we always use /posts/. After that click on media (also on settings) and leave only the thumbnail (first choice) 150×150, put zeros on the 2 options below, to avoid creating a lot of cropped images (did you know that for each image you upload WordPress creates a cropped size image base on settings and also on the actual theme you are using) that can generated thousands of images that you do not need increasing the hosting price and making backups and migrations time consuming. Now the part we all are waiting for, the theme, the visual layer of our website, here the options are endless, you can pick a free theme, you can buy a more attractive and functional theme from ThemeForest or FloThemes, you can also install a theme with a site builder like DIVI and custom create your site (this will require a learning process) or you can get a custom web design made for a designer or company like us. If you are just starting you may be just fine buying a theme but you will be expending some time doing modification and learning how the theme and settings work based on trials and errors. To end the article I would say WordPress is perfect for managing content and with that content create any visual experience, can be an app, website or any application like for example one of our clients is managing all of his content using WordPress and for the front end (visitor) we are using a completely different platform, GatsbyJS see his website here